Quick Fruit Cobbler created in under an hour with only a few simple ingredients! It’s just ordinary fruit cooked into a buttery cake-like crust, and it’ll become a family favorite in no time.
Cobblers, as any Southerner can tell you, are extremely delicious desserts. These fruit cobbler recipes prove that the season for cobblers never ends. From the warmth of our Winter Blackberry Cobbler to the delicious pleasures of summer fruit in a Grilled Peach Cobbler or a Cakey Strawberry Cobbler, these cobbler recipes are sweet and savory, spectacular and sophisticated. You’ll be surprised at how simple these cobblers are to make. Our Test Kitchen was serious when they labeled this recipe “Easy Peach Cobbler.”
So go ahead and pick your favorite fruits, from strawberries to apples and everything in between, and enjoy the flavors of the season with one of these delightful fruit cobbler recipes or all of them.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

470 grams of strawberries, chopped

12 cup sugar, granulated

1 tbsp cornstarch 1 tbsp cornstarch 1 tbsp cornstarch

1 tblsp. fresh lemon juice


1 cup of liquid

All-purpose flour is used in this recipe.

12 tsp. salt 12 tsp. salt 12 tsp. salt 12 tsp. salt 12

1 heaping tablespoon of baking powder

1 spoon (large)

Vanilla extract, to be precise.

Almond milk, 34 cup

melted butter, 4 big scoops

To prepare this fruit cobbler, simply follow these simple steps:

1st step:

To begin, I set the oven temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step two:

The strawberries were then put in a 2-quart ceramic baking dish.

3rd step:

After that, I put the sugar, cornstarch, and lemon juice in a medium mixing dish.

4th Step:

I then used a brush to coat the cut strawberries in this mixture. I also let the mixture cool somewhat while I worked on the cake filling.

5th Step:

I added the sugar, all-purpose flour, kosher salt, and baking powder to a separate medium mixing bowl at this point, and stirred quickly until all ingredients were mixed!!

6th step:

After that, I poured the milk, vanilla extract, and melted butter over the preceding mixture, stirring to combine everything.

7th step:

After mixing everything together, I poured the batter over the strawberries and cooked at 375 degrees for 35 minutes, or until golden brown on top.

Vanilla bean ice cream is commonly used to serve this. This is especially crucial if you’re serving a large party or bringing something to a potluck.

Without a doubt, everyone enjoys strawberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla frozen cream. However, you may serve it with ice cream, apple sauce, a heavy cream drizzle, or even chocolate sauce, because chocolate goes well with everything.

Above all, everything goes, so pile it high with whatever you like!




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