Cake with Mocha Layers and Chocolate Rum Cream Yummy!

Brownie is an important part of my family. Plus, there’s no need to cook in the oven.
Impossible to not see! You should know that this is a cake that is made 48 hours in advance so the flavors have time to mix together!


+8 people

°1 box of tea biscuits

°125gm soft butter

°125gm dark chocolate pastry

°60 grams of sugar

°3 espresso coffee

°1 egg


Melt the chocolate, then let it cool. Then, mix the soft butter with the whole egg and then the sugar. Do this for a while. Mix everything together until it’s smooth. Then add the melted chocolate a little at a time. Buttercream is ready for you to use now that it has been chilled.
So let’s start making the cake. First, we dip a small biscuit in cold coffee, especially one that doesn’t have any extra ingredients. Dip, stir, and that’s it. Otherwise, the biscuit will fall apart. Putting the food on your plate should be done with a brush. It is better to soak it again right away. Put them next to each other in a serving dish, and pay attention to the type of dish because it will be used to serve! When I make cookies, I make six layers of eight cookies, two cookies across and four across.
But you can make it into any shape you want. There is a first layer of soaked biscuits on the table. We can spread butter cream on it with a knife, being careful not to break the biscuits. This is what I do. In this case, the first layer is done. You can keep going until you run out: a layer of biscuits, then buttercream.
When you’ve put the last layer of cookies down, cover them all with buttercream and put them in the fridge.
Then, cover the food with aluminum foil and put it in the fridge for at least 24 hours, or at least 48 hours if possible.
Half an hour before you serve it, take it out of the fridge.




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