how to make Cute puppy cupcakes!

What is the project’s name? These adorable puppy cupcakes are simple to make and perfect for a child’s birthday celebration! Add chocolates, lovely eyes, and fun icing to each adorable tiny puppy canine cupcake, and you’ve got an amazing present to make the birthday kid smile!

My freckle-faced, soft-cheeked child turned six weeks ago, despite my demands that he stop growing up. Time is passing me by, and there appears to be nothing I can do to slow it down. Because his older siblings keep me so busy running them to work, monitoring their schooling, and retrieving their dirty socks, it’s sometimes tough to make time to cherish the simple moments with him. I’d rather not miss out on the beautiful memories of his boyhood!

I’d rather not miss out on the little, charming glimpses of my eldest’s adolescence, but with his birthday approaching, I realized he’d missed out on an exceptional snapshot of adolescence! I’ll show you how to bake each of these adorable dog cupcakes, and then you may try your hand at whatever you like!

You’ll need the following items to make this recipe:

I used white, chocolate, and peanut butter buttercream for the frosting (recipe below).
Edible Eyes by Wilton
Frosting Bags by Wilton
Wilton Frosting Instructions I utilized a variety of them, but here are a few that you might want to try.
Oreos are chocolate cookies.
To manufacture tongues, pink candy is used. Frootie Tootsie Rolls Nutter Butters Minis were used.
Mini Oreos
Black Jelly Beans Chocolate Tootsie Rolls


Begin to decorate! There isn’t much of a rhyme or rationale to this—just do anything you think looks cute!
Play around with it for a while.

how to make Blueberry Cream Coffee Cake!



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