how to make Mounds Bars Wıth Only 3!

Every year during Christmas, I make these bars because they are so delicious. I agree that spreading coconut without shattering the graham cracker crust is difficult, but I discovered an easy method. I use the flat side of a spoon sprayed with cooking spray to level out the coconut as soon as they come out of the oven after the coconut is baked. Now that the coconut mixture is warm, it is more pliable. The following is how I finish the recipe. I sometimes top them with slivered almonds to make them seem like Almond Joys.

– That’s fantastic! The sugar was not added to the graham cracker crust. I’m never sure why sugar is added when the crumbs already contain sugar. It was sweet enough in any case. I also placed the coconut over the cooked crust, then poured the condensed milk over it, as another reviewer suggested, and it worked great.


– These bars are very delectable! They’ve been a family favorite for years, thanks to my grandmother’s recipe. Hershey’s chocolate bars are a great substitute for chocolate chips. They not only offer fantastic flavor, but they also give the bars a smooth surface. 6 unwrapped bars straight from the oven Over the coconut/milk combination, the bars will naturally melt. After that, you can distribute it over the top. Before the bars are entirely set, my mother suggests scoring them with a sharp knife. You’ll get lovely, clean slices this way. Plus, these refrigerated bars are my favorite! Ingredients: 2 CUP MILK OR DARK CHOCOLATE, melted a third of a cup of coconut flakes 1 cup condensed milk, sweetened Instructions: Combine the shredded coconut and condensed milk, form into an oblong shape, and freeze for 20 minutes before dipping into melted milk chocolate. Enjoy!


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