How to Make Big Mac French Toast Recipe?

4 eggs.
½ cup milk.
½ cup cream.
½ tsp garlic powder.
1 tsp salt.
1 tsp black pepper.
3 slices bread.
1 tsp oil.
1 tsp butter.
Pinch of sesame seeds.
4 slices American style cheese.
2 cups burger mince.
1 tsp salt.
1 tsp black pepper.


To prepare the French toast batter, whisk together the eggs, milk, cream, garlic powder, and spice. Allow the pieces of bread to soak in the sauce.
Fry the three slices of bread in butter, one with sesame seeds and the other two with cheese.
Combine the mince, salt, and pepper, and form large, square burger patties.
Fry both at the same time with a little additional oil, then pile the Big Mac French toast on top.
Begin with the first slice of French toast, followed by the sauce, onion, lettuce, and the first burger. The second piece of French toast is placed on top of the pickles, then sauce, onion, lettuce, and pickles are added. Place the last layer of French toast on top and devour.

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