how to make your Steak and shrimp Recipe ?

Barbecue is synonymous with summer and nice weather!

The following recipe for surf and turf will make your mouth water!

For the first time, astronomers witness the eruption of a large enormous name.

It takes only 10 minutes to prepare and yields four portions of the greatest 560 calories!

As a result, this recipe is perfect for summer evenings with your own circle of family or friends!


°four New York steaks, sliced ​​striploin

°salt to taste

°pepper to taste

°1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

°three tablespoons butter

°250gm shrimp with tail removed

°four garlic cloves (or 1 tablespoon minced garlic)

°¼ cup hen broth

°three/four cup 35% cream

°1/four cup grated parmesan cheese

°1 tablespoon parsley, sliced.


Add salt and pepper to the steaks on each sides, to taste.

In a frying pan, upload olive oil and steaks. Cook to preferred temperature depending on preferred diploma of doneness.

In the identical saucepan, upload the melted butter by blending it with the closing oil.

Then upload the shrimp to the skillet with salt and pepper to taste. Flip the shrimp midway via the cooking process.

Add greater butter to the lowest of the skillet. Mix it as much as distribute it lightly.

Then upload the minced garlic, which you’ll distribute lightly over the complete floor of the pan.

Then upload the hen broth to the skillet. Mix properly till blended with garlic, butter and oil. Then upload your cream

35% into the pan and keep blending.

Finish with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Finally, upload the grated Parmesan cheese to the skillet. Mix all ingredients.

Then upload a touch parsley and keep blending. Finally, upload the shrimp lower back to the cream in order that they may be well seasoned.

In a plate, upload the steaks and unfold the shrimp blanketed with cream.

here! All you need to do is serve potatoes, grilled veggies or salad and





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