how to made a Instant Pot Osso Buco Recipe?

Instant Pot Osso Buco


  • Olive oil

  • 1kg beef shanks

  • 4 celery sticks, chopped

  • 1 white  onion, chopped

  • 3 carrots, chopped

  • 4 cloves garlic, crushed

  • 1 cup white wine 

  • 1 cup crushed tomatoes

  • Spices to season (garlic, onion, salt, black pepper)

  • Parsley to garnish


Turn the instant pot on and set it under sauté mode. Add olive oil and brown the beef shanks then set aside 

Add olive oil then chopped onions, celery, carrots and garlic and cook for a few minutes

Pour in the white wine and scrape off  the brown bits stuck to the bottom of the pot using a wooden spoon.  Let the wine cook until it is reduced by half. 

Add crushed tomatoes and cook for like 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. 

Add the beef shanks  to the instant pot and braise on high pressure for 1 hour. *


Tangy Baby Potato & Mustard Seed Salad


  • 1.5 Kg Baby Potatoes (Halved)

  • 4 Boiled Eggs (Optional)

  • 2 Packs Spring Onions (Thinly Sliced)

  • 4 Leaves Mint (Finely Chopped)

  • 2 Heaped Tbsp Mild Wholegrain Mustard 

  • 1 Tbsp Aromat

  • 200ml Hellmanns Mayo

  • 200ml Ordinary Mayo

  • 100ml Milk 


1. In a pot cover potatoes with water and boil till soft but not too soft. 

2. Drain water then season potatoes.

3. Cool completely then add spring onions, mint and dress with Mayo & Milk. 

4. Gently Stir then let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

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